Tax Rates

Property owners are subject to the tax rate for their particular property's taxing district. Tax rates, or millage rates are decided by each individual taxing authority based upon their projected budgetary needs and the estimated taxable value of all property within their district. Each taxing authority holds a public meeting each year in September. The date, time, and location of the meeting is on the back side of the TRIM notice you receive each August.

Breakdown of Millage Rate per Taxing Authority
Taxing Authority2019 Rate
Board of County Commissioners7.2916
School Board - State and Local6.0650
City of Macclenny3.6000
St. John's Water Management District0.2414
Suwannee River Water Management District0.3840
Total Millage Rate by Taxing District
Taxing DistrictTotal Rate
County (CO, SA, GL, MA) District14.7346
City of Macclenny (MC) District18.3346
Suwannee River (SR) District14.8772